Fluke Three Phase Power Multimeter

Several classmates and I spent twelve weeks redesigning the multimeter for industrial use. This project was sponsored by Fluke Corporation, a leading manufacturer of tools for professionals. Upon completion we presented our work to the engineering, business, and design teams at Fluke. Because it is now owned by Fluke Corporation some elements of this project cannot be shown here.

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Design Process and Timeline

User Research

Field Observations

Technicians often had to be in two places at once while performing diagnostics and running tests.

Sometimes retrieving the exact wire the technician needed was challenging in crammed electrical boxes.

Especially in industrial applications, there is a large range of wire gauges to interact with for measurements.

Whether in the electrical cabinet or in the user’s toolbox cords are constantly tangled in a ‘rat’s nest.’

Current testing methods require users to remain in dangerously close proximity to active electrical environments while running tests.

Product Research

Summary Insights

Users often have many specialized tools, rather than a swiss-army knife

Many instruments have a sort of learning curve while users become familiar with their interactions

Existing Product Audit

Weight distribution and grip contributed to poor ergonomics

Poor environmental interaction for the device

No organized solution for storing cords

Tough to isolate specific wires for measurements in crowded electrical box

Opportunity Patterns

Remote Testing

There is often a need for a user to be in two places at once– either remotely monitoring a circuit or testing in one location while adjusting loads in another.

Multi-Circuit Testing

Huge cost benefit by using a single microprocessor to take several measurements

Increased ease-of-use and functionality for three-phase power systems

Variable Gauge Contact

In commercial and industrial applications the gauge of wires can vary widely

Our solution must be able to make contact around a variety of wire gauges


Concept 1: Single-Purpose State-of-the-art Instrument

Concept 1: Single-Purpose State-of-the-art Instrument

Concept 2: Next Generation Voltage and Current Meter

Concept 3: Wireless leave-behind solution


Magnetically place the 23-400 unit on a breaker box or panel door for hands-free use.

Detach the lead clips from the unit.

Fasten a clip lead to an insulated portion of the desired wire.

For three phase testing and diagnostics, connect all three leads at once.

The 23-400 tablet can be used in place or removed for remote testing  and diagnostics.

When finished testing, return the removable tablet to the unit before wrapping the cord and docking the test leads.

Interaction Design

Press the power button to turn on the unit and begin testing.

Press the mode button to toggle between current, voltage, or power measurements.

To pair the 23-400 to a Fluke Connect™ enabled device hit the Pair button.

Press the "HOLD" button to pause testing and record a measurement.

The 23-400 is also capable or phase monitoring and can store phase data to a Fluke Connect™ enabled device.


Exploded View, Leave-Behind Unit

Exploded View, Testing Lead

Exploded View, Tablet

Final Product